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HTC SURROUND features Windows 7

HTC Surround Picture

Great Front View of the Surround


What is better than having a Phone that you can connect with your friends with?… That is an Easy question…


One that You can Entertain your friends with!

HTC to Launch in the USA with att one of the hottest phones of the season!

Enthusiasts of other microsoft products will be able to connect with their XBOX live and even interact in some ways.

What I truly think will be the Snazzy hipster entertainment for your friends will be the cool slide out Surround Sound featured on the phone.

It even has a kick stand (that facilitates propping the phone up) that you can slide out to easily view media. This feature is really neat because you will be able to view\download and watch TV shows for a nominal monthly fee (non U-verse customers) according to the page linked earlier in this post (att).

With a 1GHZ processor and external media 16GB it really looks like something I would want to land in my Stocking this year although HTC nor att has publicly announced a launch date.