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Social Media and Local SEO

What is the game changer these days?… Repeat customer’s of coarse! Branding with Social media now more than ever is a pivotal point that your business should be focusing on.

When you consider how many people are walking around with a smartphone in their pocket, its hard not to create a social media strategy. The major social media outlets YouTube, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and Twitter help start the engagement with your customers.

For many local businesses it takes more; luckily you can do more with a “brick and mortar” location. You can place links to your online profiles in your store and run various contests.

Getting the Social media profiles setup can be a task (many of you know I offer this service) but maintaining them and creating an impression on your customer’s is the real winning ticket. Its about taking that engagement to the next level and doing something none of your competitors are doing. If they are doing it, doing it better becomes the goal.

Local SEO is also something that should peek your interest. Unlike many companies that charge thousands of dollars to help with placing you at the top of search results for say “burgers southern Nevada”, you can get a consultation of services and social media pages built to suit for a flat fee.

Remember the goal still remains keeping and getting more customers; if you don’t take on social media then your competitors will.

How-to social media ?

When you are thinking of a Social media strategy for your clients (or for you), you  just have to get to know them! Who are you targeting? There is no real “how to social media”. I am sorry to inform all of you who thought it was a hair ball of a chore. There are some things to consider when you are referring to social media. Here they are in no particular order:

1) Engagement- When you post on Facebook, Twitter etc… be prepared to respond to those engaging you. That person/staff/smmgr handling the page really needs to have a feel and deep understanding of how the company presents itself. This is especially key when catering to the Local SEO market.

2) Familiarity-  You should always know the tools you are working with even if you will be outsourcing to a social media manager. If you have never touched a site like twitter and Facebook it may be a good idea to create an account (even if its your personal account) and check it out.

3) Measure results- A common issue with doing social media as a form of expecting more business is that there is not any structure to measure its effectiveness. (Let me give you an example)

Account:  Joes Pizza Shack

Goals: Engage customers on twitter and Facebook so that higher sales of the lunch special will be made to the “hip and cool” crowd using those services

Synopsis: Joes Pizza Launches a social media campaign and gets a few fans but they ironically see a decline in sales to the lunch special and are deciding to end the campaign prematurely. Joes” Large” pizza sales grew 10% on a weekly basis because of the engagement.


When it comes to measure-ability most companies (because they are new to social media) fail to take into account that more revenue was brought in from the social media outlet.

Because the social media platform is ever-changing and the consumers buying habits change; just as in traditional marketing… we MUST prepare to capture measured results from our social media presence.

So when you are tinkering with the mouse and keyboard and you think that your social media front is lost; pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get with your social media team that puts your own “how to” in how to social media?

terms used in post smmgr= social media manager

Social media clients don’t exist?

Many of us would like to have the social media icon Status overnight! We need that top social media status to attract the larger clients.

So then…

galaxy picture vector social media

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Why does searching out social media clients feel like searching through the galaxy for the best no bake cookie recipe?

Social media enthusiasts that are looking to break into social media manager status often become discouraged even with the right training because of a lack of clients.

Creating a Social media portfolio sometimes seams like a daunting task especially for those just starting out.

Beau Steed

I have compiled a few places that are sure to get you some clients. These clients may not get you that rich payout you have been looking for but they will get you noticed.

Why is being noticed so important?

  • It builds notoriety
  • Attracts high paying clients
  • Tests your abilities to deliver on client satisfaction

If your anything like me you know where I am going with this…

Top places to get clients for new Social Media Managers

  1. Contact local non-profits and volunteer your services
  2. find small eateries in you town/city (ones you patronize)
  3. Flea markets/Farmers Markets
  4. Schools (team up with the student body presidency)
  5. Clubs and local chapters (looking to grow)

This list may seam obvious now and some may not pay out too much but by partnering up with them you will serve two very important points to your success in social media.

a) You will find out what you really feel passionate about promoting.

b) You will unleash creative ideas with each new completed project.

Making the Grade>

The main idea when you take on these types of projects is not to weave yourself into a position to offer social media

Upward with social media clients

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 services to someone for free for life… It is to pick one common goal with whatever organization you will work with and working closely with them until that goal is met. You can even offer up consulting services on their next big project for a price.

Bottom line is that you did not run before you walked and you did not walk before you crawled.

Get yourself out there and prove to others you are that capable person to help mold and shift social media campaigns. When you are successful at this you will have a starting point for attracting those higher paying clients and will be on your way to being the social media icon you have dreamed of!

Why Social Media is a back end tool.

I was recently turned onto a product that I truly thought was another scheme. I actually stumbled accross a product that I feel has the greatest value of anything I have seen in similar products.

As you all may know Social Media is the new “up and coming” and it takes true dedication to keep quality followers in the tenacious world of twitter.

I truly thought that “Social Media” was the front end of a business. What I have soon realized through the Russell Brunson’s Secret Program is that Social media is just an Element that can be incorperated into your clients who campaign.

REVIEW of Russell Brunson’s Secret Program

Key Points:

  • 4 Video modules
  • Exclusive interview (with recent clients)
  • Video Tutorials

THE 4 Video Modules -

When I made the decision to get his Secret system I did not anticipate using this system for myself. I simply wanted to help one of my clients yield better results on their Social Media Campaign.

I knew I was doing everything right on the Social media front I had created for them. My client on many occasions was threatening to pull the plug on their social media presence all together. I could not let this happen as I felt I had a moral obligation to keep helping them in their business endeavor.

I got the greatest value of his 4 business model video modules!  After reviewing all 4 modules I was completely blown away by his concept of business on the internet and how it is implemented.

Social Media is a key point in my business as it is my major product I produce. With Russell’s system you can literally plug his ideas into a new business or start a new one. As it turns out I found out that in order for me to save my social media client I had to point out to them where they had a flaw in their selling process and give them an ultimatum.

The long story short, I told my social media client where their flat tire was based off these video modules and we started seeing better results. It became a win-win situation as I was able to keep my client and they started getting more repeat business and actually gave me a bonus.

I don’t do consultation work but in this case I had to in order to keep my client.

Exclusive interview (with his recent clients)

Russell interviews one of his newest set of clients and they give him a mini tell all of thier experience of breaking into thier business and how they only work 20 minutes a day to maintain their online business.

Video Tutorials

Russell offers his videos where he explains implimentation of many business elements. He starts with the basics (ex. domains and hosting) and goes into the more advanced topics such as SEO.

I have not reviewed every video tutorial but everyone I have watched gives great tips and hints with links. They are easy to follow and he really breaks down concepts without sounding too technical.

In Closing

My client never dreamed that their Social Media Manager would be bringing to light a flaw that was hanging up success in their repeat business factor. I amazed myself and I am glad I invested the time and resources to check out his Secret system. I dont know for sure whether or not I will be delving into any other types of business online but his sytem truly broke down the concept for me of how things are supposed to run so I can get an Al’a Carte Consultation service charge for any clients with the same type of issue. I wont promote this as heavily as my others but it gives me a peace of mind knowing I can offer more to my Social media Clients.

Social Media Strategy in place? Test it

Screen shot of Social media tool

Test Yours?

Do you have your Social media Strategy in place? I know as a Social media manager I take the time to get organized and deliver for clients. I found a handy tool you can use that will actually give you a score between 0-99 based on the information you plug into it.

The good thing about this tool is that it is free. You can truly gauge your social media prescence. It will give you an idea of how effective you are being on your work in your social media prescence and you can even track your score as the weeks pass to see better results due to your efforts. You can check out this free tool at: