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Social media clients don’t exist?

Many of us would like to have the social media icon Status overnight! We need that top social media status to attract the larger clients.

So then…

galaxy picture vector social media

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Why does searching out social media clients feel like searching through the galaxy for the best no bake cookie recipe?

Social media enthusiasts that are looking to break into social media manager status often become discouraged even with the right training because of a lack of clients.

Creating a Social media portfolio sometimes seams like a daunting task especially for those just starting out.

Beau Steed

I have compiled a few places that are sure to get you some clients. These clients may not get you that rich payout you have been looking for but they will get you noticed.

Why is being noticed so important?

  • It builds notoriety
  • Attracts high paying clients
  • Tests your abilities to deliver on client satisfaction

If your anything like me you know where I am going with this…

Top places to get clients for new Social Media Managers

  1. Contact local non-profits and volunteer your services
  2. find small eateries in you town/city (ones you patronize)
  3. Flea markets/Farmers Markets
  4. Schools (team up with the student body presidency)
  5. Clubs and local chapters (looking to grow)

This list may seam obvious now and some may not pay out too much but by partnering up with them you will serve two very important points to your success in social media.

a) You will find out what you really feel passionate about promoting.

b) You will unleash creative ideas with each new completed project.

Making the Grade>

The main idea when you take on these types of projects is not to weave yourself into a position to offer social media

Upward with social media clients

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┬áservices to someone for free for life… It is to pick one common goal with whatever organization you will work with and working closely with them until that goal is met. You can even offer up consulting services on their next big project for a price.

Bottom line is that you did not run before you walked and you did not walk before you crawled.

Get yourself out there and prove to others you are that capable person to help mold and shift social media campaigns. When you are successful at this you will have a starting point for attracting those higher paying clients and will be on your way to being the social media icon you have dreamed of!

Social Media Icons – What are they Wearing?

JEANS of Course!!

Why is it such a big idea? When you have everyone converting to a Tech geek these days. NO one can Sacrifice Style! …Especially in Social Media.

Lets face it… These jeans are the first product child of a new age. We all want to be Social media Icons but most importantly its all about the LOOK!

social media icon jeans

Anyone who loves to have a peak at their phone could sport these jeans and attach their Iphone or Ipod touch to them. This is just the tip of the iceberg… apparently there are stash pockets for memory cards so you can have enough memory on you to shoot those High resolution pictures from your other gadgets on your day outings.

So why is there such a CRAZE!

In a digital world where everything seams to start with the @ symbol thanks to Twitter, we are now feeding to look act and be like the next Social media Icon.

I am sure that it helped that such parties as Mashable, Technorati and Gizmodo took notice and pushed the selling out of these totally equipped jeans by wtf

So What is a Social media Icon?>

HOLLYWOOD has the A-List as does at&t *Chuckles* but what does the Social media scene have?

-Beau Steed

I really dont think that we should call it the T-List as that may be giving too much credit to Twitter.

If anything we should call it the W-List short for Web or World Wide Web…

Twitter has really become an engine to drive much of the social fire that has been put into what Social media is known for but but breakthroughs are made everyday on the internet.

I really dont think it should be left up to ONE person to decide who or what a Social media Icon is.

My point is that we have unleashed the beast of social media and more people are inspired through creativity everyday whether it be Bloggers, Social Media Managers, Social Media think tanks and the like.

When a product like this can sell out just merely from social media and not by the making of an established brand it leaves one to wonder what evolution this social media scene is leading us to.

Does it stop at Style?

Tell me your thoughts?