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Social Media Training

Looking for a social media Job? Perhaps you just want to just make money with social media.

I suppose you may have heard or seen people making money from social media campaigns. This is true. People make money representing people all day long. When you have legal trouble you call a lawyer. When you are sick you go to the doctor. When you need to launch and compose a social media strategy; you call a social media manager.

I searched long and hard for information that was both relevant and updated to match the changing market. It took me a little bit and Eureka!!! I found a solid source of social media insider information.

So you have been blessed with the gift of gab or perhaps you have an interest in communicating with people in innovative ways. This is what social media is all about. Today’s world feeds on the social media scene.

It’s hard not to see a headline news cast where they don’t mention So and So’s twitter feed or better yet; This YouTube video has gone Viral.  These bite sized news bits are actually changing the way we do commerce today. There is a great economic transition forming on the local, national and global level.

All the big box companies use social media to interact with and to get to know their consumers better. Microsoft, IBM and AMD are just a few of the juggernauts in big business that house social media pages on twitter. These big companies hire people with degrees to do the social media job but when you work for yourself… you create your own social media job!

I found out the way to get a piece of the action is to look in your own backyard so-to-speak. Social media has so many pathways and roadways that can make you dizzy just thinking about them. The fool proof way to make money in social media management is to get the proper training and invest your time.

I have invested in and stand behind the “Let’s get Social Social media training series. After going through Kate’s training I had the opportunity of meeting Kate in person at the BlogWorld 2010 Convention in Las Vegas.

If you were considering getting the proper training in social media I urge you to take a look at Kate’s training and start making money in social media today.

Kate breaks down how to go about managing any company’s campaign.  I really like her training style and I am sure you will too.

How-to social media ?

When you are thinking of a Social media strategy for your clients (or for you), you  just have to get to know them! Who are you targeting? There is no real “how to social media”. I am sorry to inform all of you who thought it was a hair ball of a chore. There are some things to consider when you are referring to social media. Here they are in no particular order:

1) Engagement- When you post on Facebook, Twitter etc… be prepared to respond to those engaging you. That person/staff/smmgr handling the page really needs to have a feel and deep understanding of how the company presents itself. This is especially key when catering to the Local SEO market.

2) Familiarity-  You should always know the tools you are working with even if you will be outsourcing to a social media manager. If you have never touched a site like twitter and Facebook it may be a good idea to create an account (even if its your personal account) and check it out.

3) Measure results- A common issue with doing social media as a form of expecting more business is that there is not any structure to measure its effectiveness. (Let me give you an example)

Account:  Joes Pizza Shack

Goals: Engage customers on twitter and Facebook so that higher sales of the lunch special will be made to the “hip and cool” crowd using those services

Synopsis: Joes Pizza Launches a social media campaign and gets a few fans but they ironically see a decline in sales to the lunch special and are deciding to end the campaign prematurely. Joes” Large” pizza sales grew 10% on a weekly basis because of the engagement.


When it comes to measure-ability most companies (because they are new to social media) fail to take into account that more revenue was brought in from the social media outlet.

Because the social media platform is ever-changing and the consumers buying habits change; just as in traditional marketing… we MUST prepare to capture measured results from our social media presence.

So when you are tinkering with the mouse and keyboard and you think that your social media front is lost; pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get with your social media team that puts your own “how to” in how to social media?

terms used in post smmgr= social media manager