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At&t SMS phishing scam BEWARE

So I was jamming out to some tunes and in pops a text message… What happened next was pretty crazy.

AT&T was now asking for my password and other personal information or so I thought. Look below at how closely this page actually looks like at&t’s;


This is a first for me as I’d never seen such a convincing scam via SMS.

I received the following SMS at 7:06 am MST on 7/19/ 2014 from Short code: 29159115

The message read: “Thank your for being a loyal customer, you have received a digital gift, for more information visit: -If this is an error, reply ERROR”

When I clicked the short link it took me to the following domain:


As you can see from attached screenshots, the website looks really convincing. The only give away was the URL it was hosted on.

I just thought other customers could get a heads up.

I did the ethical thing and reported the issue to

February 26, 2013

ILuv -  Loving something on your I-DeviceHave you ever surfed google, played on Facebook or tweeted to your heart’s content and wondered what an ILUV was? An Iluv is just that. It is something you love but originating from your I-Device. Here is an example of the saying used in open dialogue…

Barbara: Sally, what do you think of my new outfit?

(Sally quickly shoots a picture with her Iphone) and Shouts

ILUV it! She loved it before snapping a picture but after posting it to Pinterist from her I-Device it was a sure sign she ILUVed it.


This is our world today. We are all technologically inclined and would TEXT those around us at the dinner table to pass the salt if we sat at the dinner table anymore.


This is not a bad thing nor is it the end of the world. Our lives are so intertwined by technology that it is hard not to notice what is going on around us.


There has never been a time in history where any one person could broadcast short blips about one’s life and had it accessible by the majority of the world populous. Amid political turmoil, social unrest and natural disasters; we are becoming the world that is evolving with technology.


One sure sign that you are evolving with technology is that you probably have at least 10 acronyms memorized. We store and retrieve information much like a computer or smart phone.


The next time you see someone snap a picture of something random… tell them you must have ILUVed that in order to want to take a picture of that.


Happy ILuving! What do you do for an ILuving?

Getting a good deal on my gadget on Black Friday!

Shivering cold self pic at Target

Shivering cold self pic at Target

I wanted to get the latest gadget at Target at the advertised price of 69.00. What A steal! I have never waited for anything in line before so I tried this out on Black Friday.  Let me re-phrase… I have never waited for anything for multiple hours except for maybe an amusement ride once before.

I entered the line around midnight and was 30 people back in line.

I updated my twitter with the following status updates :

tweets from my twitter feed

Came in from my twitter @lasvegasbeau

Target had arranged carts along the side of the building to keep the sale event from becoming an actual ‘DoorBuster’.

String of carts zipped tied for crowd control

I got my New gadget which was a Western Digital 2 TB external Hard drive. It was real nice to get this awesome drive at a discount.

I arrived at midnight and stayed out in the cold “Wind-Chill” factor of 24 degrees Fahrenheit weather. I  was   bundled up with a shirt, sweater, jacket and bundled with a blanket. After the 4 hour wait I could not feel my toes and they had to be defrosted. I can now say that if you want to snag that real awesome deal you may want to show up before midnight and come prepared.

I normally blog about things that pertain to Social media however this was a first for me and I wanted to share my Black Friday experience.

Social Media Icons – What are they Wearing?

JEANS of Course!!

Why is it such a big idea? When you have everyone converting to a Tech geek these days. NO one can Sacrifice Style! …Especially in Social Media.

Lets face it… These jeans are the first product child of a new age. We all want to be Social media Icons but most importantly its all about the LOOK!

social media icon jeans

Anyone who loves to have a peak at their phone could sport these jeans and attach their Iphone or Ipod touch to them. This is just the tip of the iceberg… apparently there are stash pockets for memory cards so you can have enough memory on you to shoot those High resolution pictures from your other gadgets on your day outings.

So why is there such a CRAZE!

In a digital world where everything seams to start with the @ symbol thanks to Twitter, we are now feeding to look act and be like the next Social media Icon.

I am sure that it helped that such parties as Mashable, Technorati and Gizmodo took notice and pushed the selling out of these totally equipped jeans by wtf

So What is a Social media Icon?>

HOLLYWOOD has the A-List as does at&t *Chuckles* but what does the Social media scene have?

-Beau Steed

I really dont think that we should call it the T-List as that may be giving too much credit to Twitter.

If anything we should call it the W-List short for Web or World Wide Web…

Twitter has really become an engine to drive much of the social fire that has been put into what Social media is known for but but breakthroughs are made everyday on the internet.

I really dont think it should be left up to ONE person to decide who or what a Social media Icon is.

My point is that we have unleashed the beast of social media and more people are inspired through creativity everyday whether it be Bloggers, Social Media Managers, Social Media think tanks and the like.

When a product like this can sell out just merely from social media and not by the making of an established brand it leaves one to wonder what evolution this social media scene is leading us to.

Does it stop at Style?

Tell me your thoughts?

Why Social Media is a back end tool.

I was recently turned onto a product that I truly thought was another scheme. I actually stumbled accross a product that I feel has the greatest value of anything I have seen in similar products.

As you all may know Social Media is the new “up and coming” and it takes true dedication to keep quality followers in the tenacious world of twitter.

I truly thought that “Social Media” was the front end of a business. What I have soon realized through the Russell Brunson’s Secret Program is that Social media is just an Element that can be incorperated into your clients who campaign.

REVIEW of Russell Brunson’s Secret Program

Key Points:

  • 4 Video modules
  • Exclusive interview (with recent clients)
  • Video Tutorials

THE 4 Video Modules -

When I made the decision to get his Secret system I did not anticipate using this system for myself. I simply wanted to help one of my clients yield better results on their Social Media Campaign.

I knew I was doing everything right on the Social media front I had created for them. My client on many occasions was threatening to pull the plug on their social media presence all together. I could not let this happen as I felt I had a moral obligation to keep helping them in their business endeavor.

I got the greatest value of his 4 business model video modules!  After reviewing all 4 modules I was completely blown away by his concept of business on the internet and how it is implemented.

Social Media is a key point in my business as it is my major product I produce. With Russell’s system you can literally plug his ideas into a new business or start a new one. As it turns out I found out that in order for me to save my social media client I had to point out to them where they had a flaw in their selling process and give them an ultimatum.

The long story short, I told my social media client where their flat tire was based off these video modules and we started seeing better results. It became a win-win situation as I was able to keep my client and they started getting more repeat business and actually gave me a bonus.

I don’t do consultation work but in this case I had to in order to keep my client.

Exclusive interview (with his recent clients)

Russell interviews one of his newest set of clients and they give him a mini tell all of thier experience of breaking into thier business and how they only work 20 minutes a day to maintain their online business.

Video Tutorials

Russell offers his videos where he explains implimentation of many business elements. He starts with the basics (ex. domains and hosting) and goes into the more advanced topics such as SEO.

I have not reviewed every video tutorial but everyone I have watched gives great tips and hints with links. They are easy to follow and he really breaks down concepts without sounding too technical.

In Closing

My client never dreamed that their Social Media Manager would be bringing to light a flaw that was hanging up success in their repeat business factor. I amazed myself and I am glad I invested the time and resources to check out his Secret system. I dont know for sure whether or not I will be delving into any other types of business online but his sytem truly broke down the concept for me of how things are supposed to run so I can get an Al’a Carte Consultation service charge for any clients with the same type of issue. I wont promote this as heavily as my others but it gives me a peace of mind knowing I can offer more to my Social media Clients.

Social Media Strategy in place? Test it

Screen shot of Social media tool

Test Yours?

Do you have your Social media Strategy in place? I know as a Social media manager I take the time to get organized and deliver for clients. I found a handy tool you can use that will actually give you a score between 0-99 based on the information you plug into it.

The good thing about this tool is that it is free. You can truly gauge your social media prescence. It will give you an idea of how effective you are being on your work in your social media prescence and you can even track your score as the weeks pass to see better results due to your efforts. You can check out this free tool at: