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The Voice of Social Media?

microphone and headphonesBeing a part of Social media is more than keeping up appearances. It is responding to the digital world in real time. Its not a new technology its called the internet (the ever evolving digital universe as I call it).

I look at it as when the rubber meets the road!

Inspiration comes in many forms. As the social media scene continues to grow in popularity so does the competition for representation. I know its a little early for making new years resolutions but I would really love to break into the “voice-over” talent scene!

I feel Beau Weaver put it best in his voice over FAQ section of his page “…It’s acting off camera.” Can someone who was only in Drama class in the eight grade become a voice-over mogul? … Hardly!

Yes there is tons of competition in the acting arena and it’s my prediction that the social media scene wont be any different as time goes on. Companies really have 2 choices: Hire a person or Hire a firm to do their social media management.

It never ceases to amaze me that there are companies out there that have not tapped into the true value of having a social media presence. The choice to have one actually holds many benefits starting with the ability to promote specials/products online and to get priceless feedback from existing customers.

Social media is now more than ever the avenue to tap into and speak loudly without ever saying a word! Irony yes but what really holds true is that this is a new concept for many companies and as opposed to going it alone there are options and picking one is the start to solidifying their social media presence on the internet.

TSA Secure Ticketing – Identity theft?

The TSA will have its full force of their “Secure ticketing” required to take effect on November 1st of 2010. This new Technology was introduced last year. The airline deadline compliance date is on the 1st of November.

What does this mean for you?

Where you one of those travelers that used to “Book” your flight with your first and last name? According to their website linked earlier in this post you can read on to find out that upon your booking you will now have to book with your full name.

Big Deal Right>?

Maybe not though… In addition to this you will have to now expose your date of birth to get your boarding pass. With the information age people are just a couple pieces of information shy of taking your identity. The system is meant to have people screened from the time they get their boarding pass till they get to the security check point.

Where do most people hold their boarding pass? In their hand ready and accessible to give to a TSA worker.

The system is supposed to streamline and reduce errors in the security watch list that the TSA has in place.

If you were one of those people that kept your boarding pass out in the open I would highly consider keeping it within the flap of the jacket that the airlines typically give to you with your boarding pass. This will ensure your full name doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

(This post wasnt meant to scare but to inform and educate the risks of having your personal information in the open)

Amazing Books – New Technology

amazing books

Many of us as kids never would have dreamed of having such a great technology of 3D books. It actually has been around ever since pop-up books but this is something new. Amazing books ™ has put together a wonderful software available on the apple ipad and iphone. The software will soon be available for Android and Windows Mobile as well. You can check out their awesome Youtube channel feed here: (Ipad and Iphone are official products of apple)