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Google TV partners with Sony

A New Technology arises – Google internet browsing and Sony TVsGoogle on Sony TVGoogle TV – (Basically the New Technology where Google puts Google Chome software into the TV)

It was pretty neat to see the TV in action. It does all the typical things that you would expect from your PC like checking email but the really AWESOME things that you can do is watch emedded content from the comfort of your living room.

I was truly amazed at how seamless the browsing experience was. Sony has really put themselves at the forefront of home entertainment by partnering up with google .

What I really liked about how the internet worked is that for most pages you can have your Sony TV do a picture in picture with TV playing in the corner while you browse the internet!

In my opinion Sony has done for the TV what it did for the Gaming industry with its Sony PlayStation . Here is a small rundown what you might do if you had a Sony TV with Google Chrome…

Let me check my email while watching the news… or let me watch my favorite sport while updating my twitter .

You really have to see it in person to appreciate its usability!

Hell it even does “Full Screen” Youtube!

As Featured @ the BlogWorld 2010 Conference.