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February 26, 2013

ILuv -  Loving something on your I-DeviceHave you ever surfed google, played on Facebook or tweeted to your heart’s content and wondered what an ILUV was? An Iluv is just that. It is something you love but originating from your I-Device. Here is an example of the saying used in open dialogue…

Barbara: Sally, what do you think of my new outfit?

(Sally quickly shoots a picture with her Iphone) and Shouts

ILUV it! She loved it before snapping a picture but after posting it to Pinterist from her I-Device it was a sure sign she ILUVed it.


This is our world today. We are all technologically inclined and would TEXT those around us at the dinner table to pass the salt if we sat at the dinner table anymore.


This is not a bad thing nor is it the end of the world. Our lives are so intertwined by technology that it is hard not to notice what is going on around us.


There has never been a time in history where any one person could broadcast short blips about one’s life and had it accessible by the majority of the world populous. Amid political turmoil, social unrest and natural disasters; we are becoming the world that is evolving with technology.


One sure sign that you are evolving with technology is that you probably have at least 10 acronyms memorized. We store and retrieve information much like a computer or smart phone.


The next time you see someone snap a picture of something random… tell them you must have ILUVed that in order to want to take a picture of that.


Happy ILuving! What do you do for an ILuving?