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Being a Social Media Manager and keeping track of your money may seem like a daunting task…  It doesn’t have to be like a migraine headache keeping track of finances.

I made a “New Years” resolution that I would be more diligent in watching where my money goes. I want to do more in the new year and sometimes doing more means cutting expenses.
I track my business income with a program similar to quikbook but when it comes to my personal finance I have opted to use a FREE web site called
Mint is a great resourse that lets you see what your spending and make changes accordingly. As thier website says “…See all your balances and transactions
together, on the web or your phone.
Mint automatically pulls all your financial
information into one place, so you can
finally get the entire picture…”
I know that my car note will be paid off this year but I also  know that if I want to do more with my money than blow it on useless things then I have to plan ahead.
I dont get anything for mentioning this site but I thought I would share this nice Free tool that can help you track personal expenses and help you with your finances in the new Year!
The big bonus to Mint is that they have Android OS and Iphone OS apps so you can pull up your finance information on the go.

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  2. Glad I’ve finally found somhentig I agree with!

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