Getting a good deal on my gadget on Black Friday!

Shivering cold self pic at Target

Shivering cold self pic at Target

I wanted to get the latest gadget at Target at the advertised price of 69.00. What A steal! I have never waited for anything in line before so I tried this out on Black Friday.  Let me re-phrase… I have never waited for anything for multiple hours except for maybe an amusement ride once before.

I entered the line around midnight and was 30 people back in line.

I updated my twitter with the following status updates :

tweets from my twitter feed

Came in from my twitter @lasvegasbeau

Target had arranged carts along the side of the building to keep the sale event from becoming an actual ‘DoorBuster’.

String of carts zipped tied for crowd control

I got my New gadget which was a Western Digital 2 TB external Hard drive. It was real nice to get this awesome drive at a discount.

I arrived at midnight and stayed out in the cold “Wind-Chill” factor of 24 degrees Fahrenheit weather. I  was   bundled up with a shirt, sweater, jacket and bundled with a blanket. After the 4 hour wait I could not feel my toes and they had to be defrosted. I can now say that if you want to snag that real awesome deal you may want to show up before midnight and come prepared.

I normally blog about things that pertain to Social media however this was a first for me and I wanted to share my Black Friday experience.

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